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The Mission:

To send a constant message to the victims of sexual violence, everywhere and every day, that they are still the same people they were before being made into victims.

The goal is not to confront either the victims or perpetrators of sexual violence. Personal confrontation may lead to shame, denial and further violence. Victims know what happened to them. Perpetrators (usually) know what they have done. The goal is to send a constant message everywhere in every day life to victims, to perpetrators, to everyone.

Sexual violence lurks all around, hidden under layers of shame and guilt and denial. Imagine standing in a crowded subway car. According to statistics literally dozens of women (and men) around you have been (or will be) made victims of sexual violence in their lifetime. According to statistics there will also be a number of perpetrators of sexual violence surrounding you. Send a message where everyone can see it, victims and perpetrators alike, every single day.

Send the message.

YOU are still YOU!

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