The Guild of the Wizards of Waterfire
The NEW book from the Worlds of Iain Reading
(Author of The Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series and The Dragon of the Month Club)
Five ancient guilds dating back to the time of empires. An enormous weight of history and tradition. And of secrets.
Unleashing the Waterdemon

The Ancient Game of Pharos

The Sign of the Council of Elders

Thousands of years ago the ancient Greek Creators founded a total of five guilds. The first were the Waterfire guilds which soon became centres of enlightenment, much like their ancient symbol, the lighthouse. Next came the EarthAir guilds which the Creators were shocked to discover released an immensely powerful destructive force. In the wake of such disaster the Creators became more cautious and eventually founded two more guilds - Earthfire and WaterAir - but the resulting magic of these guilds proved far less powerful and membership dwindled until only a very few remained and knowledge of them grew scarce. With all possible combinations of the elements exhausted, the Creators founded one final guild to explore the properties of the mysterious fifth element known as Ether that inhabited the realms of the celestial bodies. The work of this guild was shrouded in secrecy, however, and little more than this is known about it. These guilds were sometimes referred to as the Elders of Ether. Five ancient guilds dating back to the time of empires. An enormous weight of history and tradition. And of secrets.

This first book of the Wizards of Waterfire series tells the story of Memphis Grey, a teenage girl with an extraordinary secret. Born with a special gift to summon and control the elemental building blocks of nature - Earth, Air, Fire and Water - Memphis and the other members of her ancient guild of wizards have the power to shape these elements and use the resulting energy to weave a form of primordial magic.

A seemingly ordinary group of friends on the outside, Memphis and her fellow wizards gather each week to practice their magical skills at the local shopping mall where a clandestine set of stairs leads to a secret room hidden at the top of a decorative lighthouse. Only those in the know can recognize the distinctive image of the lighthouse as a clue to a hidden reality lying just beneath the surface of our everyday world. Hiding in plain sight, each lighthouse marks the hidden meeting place of one of the guilds of the elusive Wizards of Waterfire.

But despite their remarkable powers none of them are immortal and after tragedy strikes in a flash of screeching tires and twisted metal, Memphis and the others watch helplessly as their whole world starts to fall apart right in front of their eyes. Faced with the prospect of having to disband their guild unless they can find a new member to join them, Memphis and her friends set out to recruit Flynn, a handsome and mysterious new student at their local high school. He is the perfect choice to restore the elemental balance, but when things don't turn out quite as planned they find themselves swept along on an amazing journey that takes them to the ancient and magical places of the Waterfire guilds, uncovering dark secrets and long-forgotten histories as they go, until finally hurtling them toward a dramatic confrontation with another of the five ancient guilds - the mysterious and powerful guild of the EarthAir wizards.

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