The Guild of the Wizards of Waterfire

The Ancient Game of Pharos

The Ancient Game of Pharos

Pharos is a type of board game played since ancient times by members of the guilds of the Wizards of Waterfire. To quote guild elder Aristotle Eversea: "There is more history to this game than you can possibly imagine. To know it is to know the very history of the guilds themselves.”

The game is played on a cross-shaped gameboard with a miniature lighthouse located prominently at the centre with each of the four outer quadrants representing one of the four basic elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Traditionally the playing surface is formed by unfolding the hinged sides of a square wooden box and laying them flat to reveal a magical living landscape complete with tiny villages, rolling hills, mountains, rivers and roads.

Over the centuries many different variants of the game’s rules have developed, including: Original Greek Rules, Roman Rules, Medieval Rules, Norse Rules, Mayan Rules, Renaissance Rules, Chi'ing Rules, Ottoman Rules, Age of Industry Rules, Cold War Rules or just plain old ordinary modern European rules.

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